Memorial Day was initially designated as a day to show honor to the soldiers who died in the Civil War.


Today it is a day to remember all the brave men and women who have been killed fighting for our country.

Memorial Day is a time of reflection on the gratefulness we have to the men and women who have died in defense of the United States. It is also a time to show our gratitude to the families of these soldiers for all they have had to endure the loss of their loved ones.

It is easy to take for granted the freedom we enjoy as American’s. Appreciating the actual cost of this freedom can escape us.  The greatness of the privilege of liberty should be a cherished gift.

It has taken brave men and women, American Soldiers, to build this country where freedom is enjoyed. Some of these soldiers sacrificed their lives to make it possible for each of us to enjoy our independence.

We can honor American Soldiers who put themselves in harm’s way by copying them in their courage to stand up for what is right.

Soldiers Fight!


‘For evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing”. Reverend Charles F. Aked

What about you? Are you up for a fight? Do you know the enemy that is in front of you?

The enemy is an unhealthy lifestyle that is keeping those around you from enjoying their freedom. Unhealthy lifestyles occur for many reasons, but here are two specific objectives for your consideration:


Complacency:  Waking up and brushing and flossing your teeth is a routine endorsed by many doctors around the world. It is a good routine.  That is not the complacency referred to; come home, grab a drink, eat dinner, have some dessert, enjoy another drink and without moving from the couch. Waking up the next morning driving to work and stopping at McD’s for breakfast on the way. Sitting all day and repeating the process. Of course, people are overweight, and unhealthy who live this self-satisfying routine.


Lousy Routine: Poor routines leads to illness, disability and eventually death. If you live the lifestyle as mentioned earlier, you will become increasingly tired, sick and pain will creep into your body. It will not get better. It will get worse with each passing year and will end with dependence on others. In other words – the loss of freedom.
It is your turn – Find the fight in you!


This Memorial Day remember and give honor to all the brave warriors who have died protecting the American way of life.


This Memorial Day we challenge you to give thought to your willingness to fight for your health. Resist the common unhealthy lifestyle trap that so many people blindly walk into then struggle with for life. To escape this lifestyle you have to develop the mentality of a fighter, it will not be easy, it won’t always be fun, but it will be worth it. You will feel a sense of freedom, energy, strength, mental clarity, and even have a bounce in your step that you will never want to let go

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