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Recommit to the happiest, healthiest version of you!

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For most people, nutrition is the hardest part about reaching you health and fitness goals. 10 Fitness wants you to have all the tools you need to be successful. Start your Personalized Nutrition program or 6 Week Challenge and commit to becoming the happiest, healthiest version of you!

Nutritional Amenities


  • Weekly Nutrition Tips – Get Motivated.  Get inspired!   FREE weekly recipes, motivational stories, and nutritional lifestyle tips.
  • Your Own Customizable Nutrition Plan – Discuss your individual goals with our certified nutritionist.  She will customize her block program to meet your specific goals and dietary needs.
  • Access to our On-Staff Nutritionist – Our nutritionist will review your food logs and troubleshoot hidden culprits that may be stunting your efforts.  No one gets left behind.  Get the feedback you need to become your own expert.
  • Access to Our Nutrition Facebook Group  –  Never diet alone again!  With 10 Fitness Nutrition Facebook Group you can connect and draw motivation from like minded individuals who are at similar place in their life.  They are ready and actively re-committing to their health and happiness.
  • Community and Accountability – Don’t rely only on will power alone!  You need to tap into personal, social, and structural motivation and ability.  With the right community you can change anything!
  • 6-Week Transformative Challenge Plan – This is our famous 6 week challenge were participants have lost an average of 17 pounds in 6 weeks.  
  • Motivational Fast-Track to Fat Loss – As part of our 6 week challenge members will get put on a motivational fast-track.  We are proud of our 17-pound average weight loss and we intend to keep it.  Get ready!

All of that for just $99!

Challenge Coaches

Lindsey Black

Certified Nutritionist

Lindsey has developed an approach to nutrition counseling that simplifies the process and delivers amazing results.  All of our challenges start with an educational seminar with Lindsey teaching you how to fill-up to slim-down, and her counseling continues throughout the challenge.

Robert Gerke

Director of Operations

Robert is an expert at helping others adopt the lifestyle for the duration of the challenge and beyond.  You can find him hanging out in our Summer Shred Challenge Private Facebook group answering questions and providing practical tips.


“The 10 Fitness 6 Week Challenge changed my life. Before I took on the challenge I was seriously overweight. It was the kick in the pants that I needed to get me started on the road to better health. The trainers, nutritionist and entire team at 10 Fitness are awesome and will help you reach your goals. I dropped 33 in 6 weeks. If you are like I was, sick and tired of being sick and tired! Join the challenge.”

Loren Hatfield


“Joining this challenge was seriously one of the best decisions I ever made. It changed the way I look at nutrition and exercise. I dropped 21 in 6 weeks, and I’ve continued to lose after because this program works! You’ll have access to the best trainers and nutritionist around. It will change your life like if changed mine!”

Leslie Landers


“This challenge truly changed my life! I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to learn how to eat the right foods and exercise the proper way for your specific body type.”

Nikki Tunaitis Cruse




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