HIIT Workout with Bayley

1) Alternate Lateral Jumps
2) Bear Crawl
3) Squat to High Knee x4
4) V-Sit Jabs/Punches

30 seconds on, 30 seconds off
3 rounds

Full Body Workout with Bayley

1) Sumo Burpee x10
2) Bent Knee Plank w/ Taps x10
3) Inchworm to T-Rotation x10
4) Push-Up Mountain Climbers x10
5) Side Plank Reps x10

3 Rounds, 20 seconds rest between

Upper Body Workout with Bayley

1) Downward Dog Leg Lift w/ knee tuck x15
2) One Arm Side Push-Up x10
3) Lying Back Extension x15 (static hold last rep)
4) Reverse Plank Kicks x15

Glutes and Core Workout with Josh

1) “W” Leg Raises x10
2) Donkey Kick x20
3) Butterly Sit-Up x20
4) Bird Dog w/ Pulse x20
5) Wipers x10

3 Rounds, 15 seconds rest between sets

Another #FridayEve Workout with Clif

1) Sumo Jacks
2) Sprinter Lunges
3) Cycle Crunch to Reverse Plank

4) Push-Up to Mountain Climber
5) T. Rotation
6) Flutter / Scissor Kick Combo
7) Windshield Wipers
8) Sit-Up to Punches

Lower Body Workout with Bayley

1) Surrenders w/ Jump x10
2) Pulse Squat x 20
3) Squat w/ Lateral Leg Raise x20
4) Good Morning into Prison Squat x20

3 rounds, 30 seconds rest between sets

#TacoTuesday Workout with Clif

1) Jack Series
2) Windmills
3) Squat/Lunge Combo

4) Sit-up to Leg Raise
5) Double Crunch
6) Side Jackknife
7) Plank Series: Side bridges, Plank, Plank twists

#MoveMonday Workout with Clif

1) Drop Squat Wide outs
2) Step Thru Lunges
3) Push-Ups to Skydives

4) Lateral Lunges w/ Hops and GT
5) Single Leg RDL’s w/ knee
6) Sit-Up Reach
7) Side Bridge w/ Twist

Finish: Jump Front Snap Kick

HIIT Workout with Bayley

1) Forward Jump Squat w/ walk back
2) Push-Up Reach w/ Half Burpee
3) Lateral Lunge into Jump
4) High Knees

30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, 3 rounds