How to Lose Weight on a Budget


Losing weight doesn’t have to break the bank – your wallet. There are several things you can do to reduce both food costs and your weight.


Limit eating out


Yes, we are all busy, and it is easy to grab some fast food to save time, but not only is fast food expensive, but it is also loaded with saturated fat and calories that you don’t need. Instead, cook your own meals at home. High-fiber foods prepared from scratch like beans and lentils are cheap to buy, and they keep you fuller longer.


Learn portion control


Most of us eat more food than we think we eat (or need). Therefore by learning what a portion of something should look like, you can both save money on food and reduce the number of calories you are eating. Buy a small kitchen scale so you can accurately measure out portions. You can even make pre-portioned servings like small individual meatloaves in mini muffin tins or divide up casseroles into ready-to-eat portions.


Pre-package snacks


When at work, it is easy to go to the vending machine and grab a snack to eat. Unfortunately, most of the things in there are not suitable for you, and many are packaged as more than one serving. Instead, pre-package your snacks at home into 100-calorie meals using zip-lock bags. It is a more natural way to portion control and far less expensive.


Eat your vegetables


Vegetables are both rich in fiber and water – two things that keep you fuller longer. Plus they are low in calories. Many vegetables are negative calorie meaning it takes more calories to digest them than what the food itself contains. When purchased in the season they are also inexpensive, so load up on them. What you can’t eat right away, you can freeze and use later.


Journal to save money


Many of us eat, and we don’t even realize we are eating – it is called mindless snacking. By getting into the habit of journaling, you consciously plan out and record everything you eat. Not only will you save calories, but money in reduced food costs.


Losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive. You can do both, reduce your weight and save money by using these tips. Check out our Nutrition Coaching for more tips.