Hello! My name is Mikey Bryan and I am a NASM personal trainer here at 10 Fitness in Springfield, Missouri. I started my journey at 10 Fitness due to my passion for working out and have been doing so for many years. While I was in school, I changed my perception of my career and figured since I love the gym so much, why not work in one. I was an intern for 10 Fitness and I absolutely fell in love with the environment that 10 Fitness gives to the community and the impact on what a friendly staff can do to a person. I didn’t have any experience as a trainer before I started here. I was very nervous to fail when I first started but with a great team, I picked up quickly on how to be a successful and fun trainer for others.

I grew up in Monterey, California. Fortunately, I moved to Missouri when I was 12 years old and I love this place. It offers way more life than what California can offer to me. I studied for a few years at Missouri Southern State University and the school taught me that I wanted to pursue personal training as a career. In my sophomore year, I asked my counselor about a way I could pursue this dream without having to be in much debt from school. She told me that I could get my training certification and start training others by the end of the school year. I immediately signed up for NASM Certified Personal Training education and never looked back. Turned out to be the best decision in my life! A non-profit that I think is a great nonprofit is Vietnam Veterans of America. My grandpa was in the Vietnam War and he is a great person to be around. He’s a loving and caring man and would do anything for his family. I used to volunteer at the Humane Society in Joplin because I love dogs and was helping a friend that worked at the Humane Society. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to cats so I never got to play with the cute kittens.

Professionally, I’m most passionate about growing. Whether it’s in the company, or myself. Ever since 10 Fitness came into my life, I’ve been reading more books, listening to leadership podcasts to lead my team better, or working on different things I can do for my clients to create more variety in our training sessions. When I come to work, I’m most excited about the conversations I will have for the day. How my clients’ days are, how my team is doing, and how I can serve others. One problem that I am best at solving for my clients is showing them the light at the end of the tunnel. When potential clients come to me, I can help them visualize the way they want to look like, and paint a picture in their heads of their future selves to help them feel more motivated than when they walked through the door. My clients would say that I can turn a frown upside down. I make the best out of every training session. Having someone there to help you feel good during a workout is a feeling that people come to appreciate. That is where I come in for all my clients, to give them relief and to help them reach their goals hassle free.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me reading a book, hanging out with my best friends, or playing video games with my best friends. My favorite way to spend the weekend would be a Friday night poker night with my boys. Saturday would be a float the river day, then Sunday would be relaxing at home and playing video games day. I’m passionate about training, mainly powerlifting. That is the whole reason why I became a personal trainer. Personally, I’m known for guiding people who want to change their life for the better. Whether it’s advice on diet, resistance training, or someone to talk to about anything going on that would negatively affect them. Success is what inspires me and I’m blessed to work with some pretty powerful clients. When they tell me about their success story, it inspires me to go after what I’m passionate about and to work harder. Whether it is reading, practicing new habits, or absorbing knowledge from others.

A few fun facts about me are that I have a knack for video games. Video games are my way of a great stress reliever or just something that I enjoy on a day off. Call of Duty is a big knack of mine and you can ask anyone that knows me what my favorite game to play is, and they’ll tell you the same thing. It would be impossible for me to give training and video games. I love both equally and without one I would feel out of balance for stress relief and enjoyment for myself. My favorite quote is “A scattered team is a recipe for disaster”. I believe in teamwork for success and this quote always motivates me to serve others. I love the Michael Hyatt “Lead to Win” podcast. I always try to apply what episode I most recently listened to into my day. It helps me retain the information better to apply it to the future. My favorite food to eat is beef stew and some good ole jasmine rice! I also have ADHD and have learned to live with who I am naturally and decline medicine to change the real me, cause that’s boring.

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