Hello! My name is Michael Bradley and I am a trainer here at 10 Fitness in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I started with 10 Fitness when my friend Dustin Bigg convinced me to join the trainer crew at the Jonesboro location. The path that brought me to 10 Fitness and this career was my passion for fitness and now I have been a trainer for 15 years.

I grew up in Beebe, Arkansas and moved to attend college at Arkansas State. I have a degree in CIS (Computer Information System) from Arkansas State University. I have my certification as a personal trainer, am a YES (Youth Exercise Specialist), and am currently getting my Nutritional from NASM. When I am not being a trainer at 10 Fitness, you can find me home with my wife and baby girl. I enjoy spending the weekend or a Sunday afternoon by having a game night with family and friends. Personally, I am most passionate about living life without limitations and spending time with my family. I’ve participated and won several 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons and have a few Conqueror the Gauntlet medals. I also have a one-year-old Great Dane named Willow and I enjoy going to theme parks and riding all of the roller coasters.

I am known professionally for going above and beyond for my clients and having a knack for strength and wellness. Professionally, I’m most passionate about getting my clients to have a mindset that they can accomplish whatever goals they have set. It excites me when I get to see my clients overcome obstacles to reach their goals. Helping them to persevere whenever they feel that they’re unable to meet their goals is just one of the problems that I am able to solve for them. If my clients will tell you anything about me, it’s that they are thankful to me for believing in them and not giving up on them

A few interesting facts about me are that I spend my free time as a mentor to kids at local school in Jonesboro, it would be impossible for me to give up wings and pizza, and I would like to be remembered as a good husband, caring father and a faithful friend. My favorite quote is “In order to finish, you first must start”. My favorite movie would have to be any Marvel movie. My favorite podcasts are the true crime podcasts – Up and Vanished and In the Dark. A non-profit that I love and appreciate is St. Jude. Each year I participate in raising money for St. Jude and run a half marathon for the kids at the hospital. Le Bonheur helped save my baby’s life when she was born at 25 weeks, and stayed there for 111 days.

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