Hello, my name is JJ Benton and I am a trainer at the 10 Fitness gym in Cabot, Arkansas. I’ve been working with 10Fitness for three years and was drawn to the business because I felt it would allow me to do something I enjoyed as a career. At 10 Fitness, I am known as the “Shoulder Fixer”. I’ve been able to help a lot of clients that have shoulder issues and help them find relief.

I grew up in Central Arkansas and graduated from Bryant High School. After high school, I chose to join the 10 Fitness family because I felt it would allow me to work in an environment that would pair me with my passion for helping people overcome their fears of the gym. Watching people become more confident in who they are is a large piece of gratification for me.

Many people would say I’m personable, knowledgeable, that I have a positive attitude and I’m driven. These people know me well, for I truly want to be known and remembered as someone who genuinely cares about his clients. It would be impossible for me to ever give up the relationships that I have acquired at 10 Fitness.

Two fun facts to know about me is that when I’m not at the gym, I can be found selling houses and my favorite quote is “Don’t wish life was easier, wish that you were better”.

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