Hello! My name is Clif Wynn and I am a “Master Trainer” here at 10 Fitness in Maumelle Arkansas. I am a level 10 instructor who has a passion for all things fitness and started doing fitness since 2003. I found myself helping a friend train his trainers one day and thought I could bring more training opportunities to 10 fitness by being a part of the team. Maumelle put me here to start out and it’s been my passion to help others that’s fueled me to keep going and evolve. My plan is to continue to evolve, train, and educate people on the proper benefits of health, fitness, wellness, and mental health. I will continue to work with interns on how to become, not just “a trainer”, but a Health, Fitness and Wellness Specialist. Eventually, take all this knowledge to Management and expand.

I grew up in Little Rock, born in Forrest City. My educational experience includes degrees in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, and Nutrition. I am a certified personal trainer, strength, and conditioning coach. I also have experience as a corrective exercise Specialist, nutritionist, exercise therapist, rehabilitationist. To add to that, I additionally have experience as a martial artist, self defense instructor, kickboxer, MMA instructor, trainer in BBJ, taekwondo, and wrestling. I volunteer in my spare time by going to health fairs, strength coaching seminars, self defense classes, and group training on weekends for kids and adults. I also train college interns in the Kinesiology field that are on a path to being trainers, wellness specialists, coaches, etc.

I get excited every day knowing that I get the opportunity to spread my influence and help people better their lives. My contribution, and what I want to be known for, is the ability to make people’s lives better; whether that is through training, gut health education, vitamin education, stretching, or just a conversation (therapy session). Solving people’s problems has been one of my greatest attributes or “superpowers” as I call them. All day, every day presents a new task that must be handled – and that’s where the knowledge and training in multiple areas come into play. For me, this is more than just “working people out” – it’s delivering a training experience for a lifetime. I’m also in pursuit of being the first exclusive Level 10 instructor and hosting more challenges that will hopefully make them more club-wide.

A few fun facts to know about me are that the few times in a day I’m not working, you can find me studying information, playing video games, training myself, trying to grow spiritually or watching wrestling and Anime. I hate snow, ice, and snakes. I’m a part-time superhero fighting crime and beating up evil doers when I’m not working. As a part of my personal growth, I developed motivational quotes for my classes and online pages that help motivate and inspire people to keep moving. My only real quest for myself is to get better at everything, make more money doing it, and learn to fly and power up like Goku. Basically, I plan on being the Champion of Training forever! And a quick reminder, this is only the tip of the iceberg for me. I plan on expanding my knowledge and influence to assist me in becoming a member of Corporate as well as anything else I set my mind to.

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