Hello, my name is Christine Bennett and I am a current trainer for 10 Fitness in the Cabot, Arkansas location. I was a previous member at the Conway location and thought it was one of the nicest gyms I had seen in the area. A few years later, when I learned Cabot was getting a location, I thought it would be a great place to work. In April of this year, it will have been 6 years since I started with 10 Fitness.

Many people have asked me why I chose to work for 10 Fitness and I always give them my honest answer. After years of working in corporate environments, I needed a change in my
career. Sitting at a desk, in front of a computer for hours a day in various industries was no longer satisfying to me. The idea of being a trainer sounded much more appealing and I thought “What can beat working in a casual & fun environment while making a positive impact on others?” For the first time in a long time, I felt I was making a difference and I actually loved coming in to work.

I grew up in Canada but moved here in 2005. I received my BA in Sociology and my MBA as well. Years later, I completely switched gears and became a certified personal trainer. I’m known for my fun and creativity! I love using a variety of equipment and techniques to create functional and challenging workouts. I’m passionate about watching my clients progress and hit various milestones throughout their journey. I love that I can help build confidence and show others that they can push beyond their expectations. I’m good at making modifications when necessary. Sometimes we have to try new things or use various equipment to make workouts better for my clients.

A few fun facts about me are that I love to be outdoors when I can. Running or hiking on the weekend is extremely refreshing. I’m deeply passionate about spending time with loved ones, traveling, and experiencing new things. I’m inspired by people who are driven, innovative, and excel at their craft/art/activity. Another fun fact about me is that I’m passionate about animals and support the local animal shelter. I also love No Bull training shoes and do not ask me how many pairs I have for I wouldn’t be able to tell you. My favorite quote is “Never say you can’t. Always say you’ll try.”

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