Team Training helps you build strength, power, and mobility that translates beyond the gym.

It is “real world” fitness.


If you are just starting or a experienced athlete 10 Fitness’ Team Training is designed to improve your fitness objectives. Team Training is designed as a “go at your own pace” exercise regimen.

Check out the other benefits Team Training provides;


Good music, a variety of exercises, and a certified Team Training Coach to keep you going, and give you that extra push when you need it.


Having a plan and a consistent, well structured program in place is a must for seeing results. Combining Team Training into your workout routine will give you a great foundation to build strength, lose weight or tone your body.


Similar to Personal Training, Team Training holds you accountable for turning up and giving 100%. That sense of accountability will help you from skipping workouts and missing a day in the gym.


Working out alone can be great! However, the variety of exercises, and the camaraderie you will enjoy makes Team Training fun. Especially on the days you don’t feel like being in the gym, and we all have those days.


The Team Training Coach and your fellow participants are there to support and assist you during your class. This ‘support group’ will be just what you need to power through your workout, push yourself further, and both of those will help you get the results you want faster.

Our Level 10 Membership includes every amenity we have to offer, including Unlimited Team Training and access to our Certified Nutritionist.  Ask our front desk for a free pass to try it out this week!