April 29th – May 28th

Bryant, Cabot, Conway, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Maumelle, North Little Rock, Searcy, Springfield



You could try to adapt one of the countless other fitness programs on the market to fit your busy lifestyle and spend hours upon hours modifying something into a simple, daily, follow-along formula.

But WHY waste your time?

Join hundreds of other busy people who’ve found an easy way to commit and ignite change. With the professional coaching and a daily, follow-along exercise and nutrition plan included in the Summer Shred Challenge, all you have to do is plug in the key and “turn it”. EVERYTHING is laid out for you step-by-step.

What’s included in the Summer Shred Challenge


  • One Level 10 Membership for 30 Days – Our top-tier membership option, the Level 10 Membership includes every amenity 10 Fitness has to offer.
  • Unlimited Level 10 Team Training – Level 10 Team Training is a quick and efficient 30 minute workout led by one of our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers. The full-body workouts are divided up into four categories: Cardiovascular, Strength, Power, and Endurance. Commit to 3 Level 10 Sessions per week to qualify for the money back guarantee.
  • Personal Training with a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer – One session per week for 4 weeks. These sessions will focus on your areas that need improvement to develop a more balanced muscular development, and your trainer will give you a customized plan to follow one day per week you will be working out without your trainer.
  • 10 Fitness Nutrition Summit Seminar – At the Summer Shred Challenge Kickoff you will learn the Principles of 10 Fitness Nutrition. It’s a good idea to bring a note pad to take notes.
  • A Certified Nutritionist – You will get access to 10 Fitness’ Certified Nutritionist, Lindsey Black, throughout the Summer Shred Challenge to help you with all your nutrition questions and tips on meal planning.
  • Summer Shred Private Facebook Group – With Access to our PRIVATE VIP Facebook Group and expert coaching, you will have unlimited access to the answers you want, and the support you need. Everything you need to see results fast is at your fingertips.
  • Success Guide – This Success Guide lays out every detail of the Summer Shred Challenge, including specific direction on exactly what you need to do to achieve maximum results.
  • Eating Out Guide – Because you’re going to eat out sometime, we want you to do it right.
  • InBody Bio Metric Scan – This scan is the judge, jury and final decision maker for this challenge. Going beyond just your body weight, our InBody Biometric scanners break down your body composition to measure for fat loss, muscle gain, and overall body composition and balance.
  • Kids Club – For those of you who need it, you will have access to our Award Winning Kids Club for the entire 30 Days (Kids Club for 1 child included, normal hours & rules apply, where available).
  • Accountability – We will educate, support, and guide you every step of the way, applying just the right amount of pressure to make sure you follow through and enjoy the process!

Commit today for $199!

Summer Shred Schedule

April 26th

Virtual Kickoff

You will receive your Success Guide, Eating Out Guide, Nutritional Support content and your Virtual Nutrition Seminar via email, for which we strongly recommend you take notes while watching.  Also, you will learn how to schedule your personal training, join the private 10 Fitness Summer Shred Facebook group, and submit food logs.

April 29th – 6am – Noon


Get your starting weight on our InBody biometric scanner. This cutting-edge piece of tech is what we will use to track your fat loss, muscle gain, and overall body composition to track your progress, and will be our standard measurement system to qualify you for our money back guarantee. 

April 29th – May 28th

Summer Shred

30 Day Challenge

Meet with a personal trainer one time per week and get introduced to our fun and friendly Level 10 Team Training.  Remember, to qualify for your refund, you must attend 3 Level 10 group sessions per week during the challenge.  Receive online nutritional counseling and group support.  Submit and get feedback on food logs.

May 28th – 6am – Noon


Get your ending weight on our InBody biometric scanner to see your overall progress throughout the Summer Shred Challenge and see if you earned your money back!

Ready to get started?

Challenge Coaches

Ginger Root

Transformation Coach

Ginger is going to pair you up with a personal trainer that can work with your schedule and will help you reach your goals.  She will be your biggest fan along your fitness journey.  Your success is her mission in life.

Lindsey Black

Certified Nutritionist

Lindsey has developed an approach to nutrition counseling that simplifies the process and delivers amazing results.  All of our challenges start with an educational seminar with Lindsey teaching you how to fill-up to slim-down, and her counseling continues throughout the challenge.

Robert Gerke

Director of Operations

Robert is an expert at helping others adopt the lifestyle for the duration of the challenge and beyond.  You can find him hanging out in our Summer Shred Challenge Private Facebook group answering questions and providing practical tips.

Summer Shred Challenge


“The 10 Fitness 6 Week Challenge changed my life. Before I took on the challenge I was seriously overweight. It was the kick in the pants that I needed to get me started on the road to better health. The trainers, nutritionist and entire team at 10 Fitness are awesome and will help you reach your goals. I dropped 33 in 6 weeks. If you are like I was, sick and tired of being sick and tired! Join the challenge.”

Loren Hatfield


“Joining this challenge was seriously one of the best decisions I ever made. It changed the way I look at nutrition and exercise. I dropped 21 in 6 weeks, and I’ve continued to lose after because this program works! You’ll have access to the best trainers and nutritionist around. It will change your life like if changed mine!”

Leslie Landers


“This challenge truly changed my life! I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to learn how to eat the right foods and exercise the proper way for your specific body type.”

Nikki Tunaitis Cruse