How to Cook Healthy Meals with Whole Foods, Even If You Have a Busy Schedule


You keep a hectic schedule – we all do nowadays. But that doesn’t mean your eating has to suffer. Here are three tips to help you create healthy meals the smart way for your family week after week.


Select your recipes for the upcoming week


By not planning ahead and trying to cook after getting home from work, many nights you end up calling up your favorite pizza delivery service or you throw something together that is quick (but maybe not very healthy). And that is understandable because you are tired from working all day. But there is a better way to have healthy meals on hand that can be ready to serve in a flash.

On one of your days off, sit down and plan out your meals for the coming week. As you go through your recipes, check to see if you have the ingredients you need on hand. If not, write it down on your shopping list.


Make one trip to the grocery store.


Instead of stopping by the grocery store a few times each week after work, which makes eating dinner even later, take your shopping list and buy everything you need in one trip.

A service many busy professionals are using now that is a real timesaver (and not that much more expensive) is a food delivery or pick up service. Once you have your shopping list, go to their website and order what you need for the week. They put your list together and deliver it to your door or your car.

And you don’t even have to be home at the time. Refrigerated or frozen items are placed by your door in super-insulated or chilled containers that will stay cold or frozen for hours.


Cook Once – Eat Twice (or more)


On one of your other days off or even the same day if you already have everything you need, start making meals from your selected recipes. Don’t overlook cooking grains like quinoa and brown rice in large batches. You can do so much with them quickly if you already have them cooked.

Next package up the prepared food into meal-sized portions and either refrigerate or freeze in reusable containers.

Now meal preparation is easy once you are home after work. Grab a portioned meal, heat it up and you’re done. If you want a healthy fresh side salad to go with your entrée, you can quickly make one in a few minutes. The heavy work of preparing the meal from scratch is already done.

Eat healthy by cooking smart! Organize and prepare your meals in batches, so you always have meals that are good for you on hand.