Hello! My name is Cameron Maples and I am a personal trainer/assistant manager here at 10 Fitness in Searcy, Arkansas. I started working for 10 fitness in 2017 and have been with the company since. My love for fitness and the gym environment led me to apply when the Searcy Location opened. I had to give up lifting to recover from some medical procedures, and every day I want to get back to lifting so I enjoy being in the environment that 10 Fitness provides even if it’s from the sidelines.

I grew up in Searcy and am still here to this day. I’ve traveled all over the world and still haven’t found a place that I love as much as home. I am certified through the NASM personal training program, however, my original education is in Marketing due to my love for business! When I am not training or managing the store, you can find me lifting weights, camping, or spending time with my wife. I really enjoy day trading stocks and love gaming at night. I also love being involved in my church and helping the community around town.

I would say I am known professionally for my work ethic and ability to stay consistent. I’ve found that I am very passionate about helping others achieve their goals. I get a ton of inspiration from watching others succeed alongside myself and it makes everyday worth it. One problem that I am very good at solving for clients is getting them strong and adding lean tissue to their frames. I love training people who are either new to the gym or want to get bigger. I very much derive my self-worth from my own productivity, so I’m very happy and motivated when I’m making progress towards something.

A fun fact about me is that I love the TeamSeas non profit because I love the oceans and hate to see them be neglected. It really is such a big issue that doesn’t get talked about enough.
I’ve always been a very ambitious person, so I want to be remembered as someone who did something great that will live on past my own life. My favorite quote is “What we do in life, echoes in eternity”, my favorite movie is Interstellar, my favorite book is Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, and my favorite podcast is The Joe Rogan Experience / The Model Health Show. An interesting fact about me is that I am an identical twin, have fraternal twin sisters, and have been to all 48 mainland states in the country.

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