Hello! My name is Sylvester Steel and I am a trainer here at 10 Fitness, in Little Rock Arkansas. I’ve been training for a year and a half now. I started my own fitness journey as well as the path to become a fitness trainer for the memory and inspiration of my mother and sister. They were two very special people in my life to whom I wanted to inspire and give hope. I wanted to show them someone close to them was making healthy strides in life and they could do the same.

I grew up in Kensett Arkansas which is directly adjacent to Searcy. I moved away from Kensett because although it holds fond memories as I grew up I started to realize I naturally tended to lean more towards the city life and unfortunately Kensett is nowhere near that life. I enjoy participating in charity obstacle courses. I recently took part in the 2021 Tough Mudder. I studied and earned my certification with the ISSA. Professionally I’m known for my fun and creative attitude. I always like to tell jokes or think of fun ways to do a workout or at the very least I’ll make you laugh during it. I have a knack for making people feel at ease and comfortable with being themselves.

The aspect of my career that I’m most passionate about is getting the opportunity to improve lives in a positive and meaningful way. Being able to make such a big impact and difference in the way people move, handle pain, perceive themselves, and their overall mental and physical state is a blessing. Seeing those close to me succeed and fail is what inspires me. By seeing those I have bonds with succeed and reach their goals around me it pushes me to do the same and achieve those things that I strive for faster. Vice versa when I see someone fail or miss their goal it makes me want to make sure I hit mine so that I can be a positive influence for them to try again and nail it the next time. I strive to, at the very least while you’re working with me, the burden of the rest of what’s going on in life isn’t so heavy. Alleviating the feeling of weakness the world sometimes wants to impose on us and giving back the sense of power and accomplishment. Myl clients would say I’m a goofball who knows how to make a workout enjoyable while still sneaking in little things that still kill you. Your success is his success.

A few fun facts about me are that I’m firmly in favor of the nonprofit “ExtraLife”. Every year they host a 24-hour live streamed gaming event where gamers can raise money to support a hospital of their choice within the children’s hospital network. My favorite quote is “Where there’s a will. There’s a way”. That quote has always spoken to me because I agree with the thought process of no matter the obstacle set before you if you have the will to overcome it then you shall. My favorite book is called “The Scorpion Shards”. I’m a gamer and nerd at heart, so if I’m not watching an anime, playing the game, looking up random knowledge, or something Dragonball Z-related (I can literally talk about Dragonball for way too long so don’t get me started!) then I’m in the gym or sleeping. My favorite food is a delectable burger. I’ve been told I’m whacky for having an overactive imagination, so just ask me to weave you a tale if you really want a fun time.

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