Hello! My name is Ryan Young and I am a trainer here at 10 Fitness in Springfield, Missouri. My journey as a personal trainer began when I decided to take the plunge into the fitness industry. I was fortunate enough to find a supportive environment at 10 Fitness, which provided me with the opportunity to progress in my career. Although I’ve only been a certified personal trainer for eight months, I’m eager to help others transform their lives through fitness.
I grew up in Southern California but moved to Colorado while serving in the Army. After leaving the military, I relocated to Springfield to be closer to my son. Before embarking on my fitness career, I earned Associate Degrees in Fire Science Technology and Paramedicine at Pikes Peak Community College and Saddleback College. I then received my Personal Training Certification through ISSA, which equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this profession.
Professionally, I specialize in weight loss, body composition transformation, and strength training. The most exciting aspect of my work is the ability to help people achieve their goals. I’m passionate about showing clients that, with hard work and dedication, they can make incredible changes to their bodies and lives. My clients would often describe me as genuine and deeply committed to helping them reach their goals.
Outside of work, you can find me working out, hiking, hunting, reading, or traveling. I cherish my time spent in nature, reading personal growth books, and being with my son, who inspires me every day. Every summer, I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, an organization that I’m passionate about supporting.
In addition to being a Level 10 Olympic Champion, I also have a deep-rooted love for coffee – something I simply cannot give up. When it comes to my favorite movie, “Step Brothers” takes the cake, while “The Ramsey Show” has become my go-to podcast.
Ultimately, I want to be remembered as a genuinely good, hardworking person who would do anything for those I care about. As a personal trainer, my mission is to create an environment where clients feel empowered and supported in their fitness journey. I am dedicated to helping people achieve their goals and showing them that, with the right mindset and determination, anything is possible.

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