Hello! My name is Rob Ruzicka and I am a personal trainer here at 10 Fitness in Springfield, Missouri. Leaving behind a corporate desk job, I decided to pursue my passion for fitness and embarked on a journey to help as many people as possible through my knowledge of the gym. I began working at 10 Fitness, and it’s been eight months since I became a personal trainer. I’ve been working out for 12 years and spent the last five years bodybuilding.
I grew up in Springfield, moved away for college, but ultimately returned to complete my degree. I played collegiate baseball at William Jewell College in Kansas City, Missouri, before finishing my degree at Missouri State University.
My professional reputation lies in bringing enthusiasm and energy into the gym through my passion for training. I have a knack for getting the most out of my clients and helping them envision their potential, even when they can’t see it themselves.
What excites me most about my work is witnessing my clients become passionate about progressing in their fitness goals. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing them share compliments they’ve received from friends and family about their appearance and overall attitude.
My clients would say that I am energetic, passionate, and always willing to push them in every workout. I excel at establishing effective and efficient workout routines, ensuring that their efforts in the gym don’t go to waste.
When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and taking my five-year-old niece to the zoo or on walks at the park. I’m passionate about bettering myself in every way, from progressing in the gym to growing as a person. My clients’ success and their overall happiness are significant sources of inspiration for me.
Outside of my work, I love volunteering at various baseball camps to help nurture the next generation of ballplayers. I was an All-State Baseball player in high school, a 1st All-Conference Team member in college, and competed in my first bodybuilding show in 2019.
It would be impossible for me to give up the gym or pizza, especially after a tough leg day when I crave a pizza for my cheat meal! Also, I want to be remembered as a hard worker, someone who brought enthusiasm to each day, and most of all, a good friend.
One of my favorite quotes is, “The best that you can do is the best that you can do.” This quote reminds me to strive for perfection, even if it’s unattainable, and to always do my best. My favorite podcast is The Real Bodybuilding Podcast hosted by Fouad Abiad.
As for something fun and unexpected about me, I have impressive flexibility and can do the splits! I also pride myself on being the best joke teller and the funniest person at 10 Fitness – and I’m humble too!

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