Hello! My name is Paul Wheller and I am a trainer here at 10 Fitness in Jonesboro, Arkansas. My passion for personal training and exercise, in general, started about 20 years ago. I enjoy sharing this experience and helping others achieve their health plus fitness goals. I also enjoy seeing the clients see results as that’s what matters to me the most. I’ve been involved in fitness for a while but I have only been doing this for 10 Fitness for about 6 months.

I grew up in Jeanerette, LA and moved to Jonesboro because I wanted to grow and see where life could take me. During high school and college, I noticed a lot of gyms had good trainers and the trainer for our basketball team really inspired me to get into fitness more. After high school, I attended Navarro College which is a junior college playing basketball then later attended the Arkansas State University of Jonesboro. I graduated with a degree in Exercise Science and also became an Elite Trainer through ISSA with certifications in Personal Training, Strength Condition, and Sports Nutrition. My first love was basketball and then music, but training fell right along. I did have to stop working for a while when work started getting in the way of school, but now I’m back at it.

Professionally, I am known for muscle gain, weight loss, body tone, speed, and agility. Seeing my clients build confidence and realize they can reach all those goals in life if they put their hearts and mind into it anything is possible. The results are most exciting and what brings me the most excitement in my work with them. My clients would tell you that I am best at figuring out and making adjustments to better reach the results we want to see.

When I’m not at work, you’ll most likely find me spending time with my family, workout, or making music.
Personally, I’m passionate about growing as an individual. I believe that I can achieve all the goals I set for myself. I am involved in A&U basketball volunteer activities in my free time as well. A few fun facts about me are that it would be impossible for me to give up my faith and music. I want to be remembered as someone that impacts someone’s life in a major way, and my favorite movie is Glory Road.

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