Hello! My name is Morgan Long and I am a personal trainer here at 10 Fitness in Springfield, Missouri. I have been training for a year and eight months. I started working at 10 Fitness because it was the gym I signed up with once it opened back up after Covid lockdown. I applied because it is a comfortable environment and the staff are always welcoming when I come in every day. I started studying for my NASM certification test and already planned on working as a personal trainer, so I figured it would be good to apply because I already felt comfortable working out there.

I grew up in Willard Missouri which is located about 10 minutes away from Springfield Missouri. I still live in Springfield because this is where my whole family is located and family is one of the most important aspects of my life. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science then after graduating I took the NASM certification for personal training. My favorite way to spend a weekend during the summertime is outside all things water-related. I prefer to go kayaking or go to the lake with my family. During winter, I usually spend time at home with my Siberian Husky so he can enjoy the snow outside. My mother and stepfather are Shriners so I spend time to time participating in activities they attend or are in charge of.

Professionally I am known for personal training. I am most passionate about helping others achieve their goals. What excites me most about my work and the contribution I can make is actually helping improve others’ lives and teaching them things they will be able to use later on in their future and pass down for later generations. The one problem I am best at solving is showing my clients how small habit changes lead to big habit changes which will then lead to big changes throughout their life. Personally, I am passionate about always trying to improve and taking advantage of the time that I have. One thing that I really enjoy doing is going hiking around Missouri and Arkansas, one thing that I am really wanting to get into is taking multiple trips around the United States to explore other areas and national parks. What inspires me is we don’t know how much time we have left of our lives so you might as well make the most of every day.

A few fun facts to know about me are that I want to be remembered as the person who was always there for their friends and family, the person who brought light to the room. Camp Barnabas is my favorite nonprofit organization, it is an organization that provides camping experiences to individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses. I love this because it gives more than just a camping experience to the workers and the campers, it creates new opportunities for them as well. It would be impossible for me to give up my family if someone asked me and my favorite quote is “Everything happens for a reason.” A joke that I enjoy is” “What is the difference between a well-dressed man on a bicycle and a poorly dressed man on a unicycle?” The answer is “ Attire!”

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