Hello! My name is Mo Gomez and I am a trainer here at 10 Fitness, in Bryant Arkansas. I started my career path at 10 Fitness after I did not land a job position at my old job. I thought to myself, “What am I not doing that is not enough for this position?” I had a “come to Jesus” moment with myself and I asked myself, “What do you want to do in life? You’re going to school blindly and trying to move up with a company that doesn’t want you at the top. What do you enjoy?” That’s when I landed on a certified personal trainer. I had been working out for 7 years at that point and have been enjoying every moment.

I’m originally from California but I’ve been proud to call Arkansas home since 2005. It’s a great state to live in! I graduated from Bryant High in 2011. I went to UA-PTC. After 7 years of college, I finally received two associate degrees. I stopped going, because of my earlier statement above and ultimately chose to do something I wanted to do that makes me happy. When I am not training at 10 Fitness, you can find me off the clock working out. The gym is my morning “cup of coffee” I like to say! My ideal weekend would be working out in the morning and having lunch with family rather than getting to take a nap in the afternoon.

Professionally, I am known for being a team player and probably being loud or even “annoying” from time to time. Personally, I call it “having energy”. I’m very passionate about working out as a whole. My whole day revolves around working out and how the human body is simply fascinating. With my training, I am most passionate about helping others out. Nothing makes me happier than helping a senior realize that it’s never too late in life to accomplish their fitness goals. I love giving them motion back in their body. I love proving clients wrong when they say, “I can’t do that” and showing them they can. My clients would say I’m there for them and I actually care about them.

A few fun/interesting facts about me are that motivational speeches inspire me, I participate in conquering the gauntlet and obstacle course races almost every year, and I have a few medals from these races. Two nonprofits that I really love are The Ronald McDonald house – my best friend’s daughter was born with a defective heart and they covered all their medical bills and housing when they went out of state and St. Judes. Basically, any organization that helps kids is one that I fully support and wish to endorse. Pre-workout is something that would be impossible for me to give up. The time I have with my wife and daughter and the rest of my family is also something that I value above all else. I have a “ready to give, never to receive” mentality. My favorite quote is “How bad do you want it” by Eric Thomas, my favorite movie is any one of the Rocky series, my favorite book is Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins, and my favorite podcast is the Joe Rogan Experience.

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