Hello! My name is Eric Hill and I am a trainer/front desk salesman here at 10 Fitness, in Bryant Arkansas. I started working at 10 Fitness because I thought working for the company would help me get closer to a career in physical therapy. Being able to work in a positive environment is what also drew me into working at 10 Fitness too. I have currently been a part of the 10 Fitness family for 8 years and have been a personal trainer for 5 years now.

I am professionally passionate about helping people get out of bad situations/habits. I want to make sure that I am always doing my best to help people in need or that feel like they can’t change themselves through my work here at 10 Fitness. One problem that I am best at solving for my clients is fat loss. My clients often tell me that I am “hard but worth the time” and I take it as a compliment to know I am pushing them to be/do better.

I grew up in Malvern, Arkansas. I currently live elsewhere due to needing a different environment to live in and raise my son. I am inspired daily by my son to be the best I can as he is what keeps me going in life. I have my personal trainer certification from the International Sports Sciences Association. I went to Pulaski Tech to further my education as a physical therapist assistant and am now an Exercise Therapist. When I am not being a trainer at 10 Fitness, you can find me spending time with family or out fishing.

I am personally passionate about helping others and finding solutions. If there’s something wrong or a situation that needs solving, I am drawn to help. It would be impossible for me to give up personal training and spending time with family. A few fun facts about me are that I have a few awards for weight lifting and some medals for basketball. I would like to be remembered as a loving and great man who never gave up. My favorite quote is “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” from The Pursuit of Happiness.

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