Hello! My name is Dez Thomas and I am a trainer here at 10 Fitness, in Little Rock Arkansas. The path that brought me to 10 Fitness was more of an internal one. I had already been training off and on after high school plus throughout college and knew that once I graduated that training was going to be my first go-to. I was a friend of a former employee, Ginger, who introduced me to the team at RP and the rest is history. My goal here at 10 Fitness is to help every person I work with by showing them that they are capable of progressing to levels they didn’t know existed. The satisfaction of seeing a client happy with their progress is what excites me and drives me. I make it a goal to push clients out of their comfort zone to prove to them that they are capable of hard work.

I grew up in Hot Springs and moved to Conway for college. I am a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity INC. and volunteering is a major part of being Greek so I have been involved in numerous volunteering activities. I personally enjoy helping out at the humane society for my love of animals. I have a B.S. in Health Sciences from UCA and am known for being one of the most straightforward and “to-the-point” trainers in the company. At the same time, I am also well known for providing comic relief in every session. I have a knack for connecting with people at an individual level which allows me to develop positive relationships with clientele. When I am not being a personal trainer at 10 Fitness, you can find me training myself at RP when I’m off the clock. I am passionate about my bodybuilding career and have dreams of going pro. My other favorite way to enjoy being off the clock is also working out with my friends in Conway, playing video games, napping, and seeing the latest new movie out.

I am best at analyzing and providing a solution to the client’s sticking points in terms of training or diet by either surveying the client’s form or assessing their current nutrition. I have a seasoned background in training and diet for many years. I love to help people reach their highest level of potential. I am inspired by seeing those close to me succeed and reach their goals. It pushes me to do the same and achieve the things that I strive for faster. Vice versa, when I see someone fail or miss their goal, it makes me want to reach mine so that I can be a positive influence for them to try again. I haven’t yet reached a level of satisfaction in terms of my level of success because I am truly striving to be at the top.

A few fun facts about me are that I’m firmly in favor of the nonprofit “ExtraLife”. Every year they host a 24-hour live streamed gaming event where gamers can raise money to support a hospital of their choice within the children’s hospital network. My favorite quote is “Where there’s a will. There’s a way”. That quote has always spoken to me because I agree with the thought process of no matter the obstacle set before you, if you have the will to overcome it, then you shall. My favorite book is called “The Scorpion Shards”. It’s a book about 7 children whose souls are fragments of an exploded star. It details their journey to reunite and discover themselves. Something wacky about me is how I can literally talk about Dragonball for way too long so don’t get me started. My favorite food is a delectable burger. Overactive imagination so just ask me to weave you a tale if you really want a fun time.

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