Hello! My name is Blair Hudson and I am a NASM personal trainer/group personal training specialist here at 10 Fitness in Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. Fitness has been crucial to me ever since I was a kid growing up in an obese family. It became a lifestyle in high school, and I personally would like to make the world around me a healthier place. Training friends and family became a hobby in 2017 and I feel like I got pretty good at it so last year I started with 10 Fitness because if you enjoy your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.

I grew up in a rural area outside of Pine Bluff, AR. I moved away for a better opportunity although now I am seeing much more growth from the Pine Bluff area, thankfully. After years of being auto-mechanic and wading through the field of civil engineering, I decided to work for myself and get certified in Personal Training. I’m known for my work ethic, punctuality, politeness, and many more. I have a knack for seeing an issue/problem and wanting to resolve it. It inspires me. I’m proud of my accomplishments but knowing that I could be better and want to reach my full potential is what inspires me.

Professionally, I enjoy social interaction. Teaching more effective exercises and helping people feel better about themselves is what drives me. My clients would say I am easygoing and knowledgeable. Just hearing my clients say they told someone else something I said and they also agree with me most excites me in life. Many people are lost about what to do when they come into the gym, therefore, I make it my mission to show them that you can get the results you want without slamming huge heavy plates around. By explaining and demonstrating some less aggressive and complicated exercise options they feel better about what they could be doing instead of being intimidated by what they see.

A few fun facts to know about me are that you can find me out on the river trail most likely cycling (Cycling would be impossible for me to give up!), I often photograph events for a taekwondo studio in Pine Bluff, and I’m Adele’s number one fan! My favorite quote is, “I promise to think before I speak, to be wary of who I give my energy to ‘cause it is needed for a greater cause and that cause is to spread the enlightenment of love, compassion, and humanity to those who are not touched by its light… I dedicate my spirit in the service of what is good and fair and righteous. Every day I am alive I am given opportunities to become that which I admire most of others. I am nonviolent. I am a master student and my spirit will never be stomped out… Just try and do the best you can today no matter where you’ve been but you can change if you wanna change I don’t know about you but I’m tired of this bulls#!t and I wanna try to do the best that I can and to have a good time…” – comes from excerpts from 13th Century Metal by Brittany Howard.

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