Stress Is Toxic To Your Body

Stress is likely the most dangerous toxin that your body faces on a daily basis. Below are 10 reasons why.   Stress changes gene expression. The chemicals produced by the body when it is under stress can either turn on or off genes that change how much fat...

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How Fit Is Your Security

It would be nice if there was one app that could do everything, but that is not the case, yet.
One thing all of these apps require and have in common is a password. Each require you to create a password to gain access, and we would bet you use a password that you are familiar with, right?

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How Much Weight Loss Is Healthy in a Week?

How Much Weight Loss Is Healthy in a Week? Before answering the question of how much weight loss is healthy in a week, let’s discuss weight loss first. The weight loss process is the same whether you want to lose weight in a week or a month – you have to burn more calories than you take in.

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Thoughts On Bravery

Memorial Day was initially designated as a day to show honor to the soldiers who died in the Civil War. Today it is a day to remember all the brave men and women who have been killed fighting for our country.

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